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29 August 2012 @ 12:37 pm
FIC: You Wear This Face 5/6 (Rated G)  

You Wear This Face

Rating: G

Summary: Rose spends more time in the Third Doctor’s era. Multi chapters!

A/N: This takes place sometime after the last part but sometime before Army of Ghosts/Doomsday and as for the old series it’s some time after The Time Warrior but I can’t be more specific.


Rose put a hand over her mouth, trying to stifle a yawn. Just a few moments ago she'd left the Doctor in the control to do whatever it is he does after she goes off to bed. She could barely keep her eyes open and felt herself almost stumble a few times before she finally reached her room's door. She opened it and stepped inside, and to her surprise found herself not in her room but in a corridor she did not recognize.

Suddenly wide awake Rose groaned and sighed, “Oi! Not again!”

She looked from one end of the hallway to the other, trying to decided whether or not she was even still in the TARDIS. She started to walk towards the end that was closest to her when she heard what sounded like booted footsteps, and the owner of a deep, irritated, and military sounding voice headed in her direction.

She definitely was not in the TARDIS this time, and deciding she did not want to meet whoever owned that voice she ran in the opposite direction. Only one or two doors lined the hallway and after checking the first one to see if it was locked, Rose was relieved when the second gave way and she could slip inside just as two men deep in conversation rounded the corner.

“Blast it, Benton! I thought I said...”

Rose had kept the door open just the tiniest crack so she could watch them pass, and the owner of the voice looked at gruff as he sounded. Although Rose didn't know rank insignia, Rose thought he was probably general of some sort, who was in the middle of verbally reprimanding the poor man walking half a step behind him. Neither of them noticed her thankfully, and Rose waited until she didn't her either of their voices for at least ten seconds. She was just about to open the door again when a voice from behind stopped her.

It was a voice she knew.

“Well, are you coming into the room or going out, Sarah? Either way, please close the door!”

Rose hesitated, unsure what to do. She thought about going back into the hallway before he saw her but then she realized that wouldn't do any good. First of all, she didn't know where or more importantly when she was. Second, what if there were more soldiers out there and what would they do to her if they found her? She was pretty sure she wasn't to be in here, wherever here is.

She must have hesitated too long because the Doctor finally turned around to her. “I said... you're not Sarah Jane.”

“'Fraid not, Doctor.”

“Confound it, what are you doing back here again?”

Rose crossed her arms, “You tell me! One second I'm going to my room in the TARDIS, and the next I'm in the corridor outside this... wait did you just say Sarah Jane as in Sarah Jane Smith?”

“I did indeed. Do you know her?”

Rose nodded, “Yeah I do or should I say I know what would be the future her to you and her. Just like the Doctor I know is the future you to you... that is if I'm really in your past, and this isn't some kind of repeating dream.”

“I assure you, Miss...”

“It's probably still not a good idea for me to tell you my name, Doctor.”

The Doctor nodded in agreement, “As I was saying, miss, I assure you are really here in from what is your past and what is my future. Tell me how did you arrive here this time?”

“I don't know, Doctor, but I'm beginning to wonder if the TARDIS has some sort of twisted sense of humor cos one second I'm opening my room door on her and then when I step inside, I'm here instead of where I should be!”

“Or perhaps your Doctor was flummoxing around with the temporal shielding again?” the younger but older looking version of the Time Lord suggested.

Rose shrugged, feeling a headache coming on with him complicated this conversation was getting, “Look I'm not a stranger to time travel, so I s'pose that along with the fact I shouldn't tell you my name, Doctor, it's probably a good idea if I don't meet Sarah Jane since that means she'll remember me when she meets along with the older you. Yeah?”

“You are correct, which is why I am going to ask you to step inside the TARDIS until we can figure how you got here and more importantly how to get you home again.” As he spoke he gestured towards the familiar police box standing in the corner of the room, and was about to pull out a key to the door when Rose took out hers.

:”I've got it, Doctor,” she said and went to unlock the door and stepping inside. As the Doctor came in after her and closed the door she commented, “This definitely is not the TARDIS I know.”

“No, I expect not,” he replied, and began pushing a few buttons.

Rose watched him for a few moments, smiling to herself as she could recognize her Doctor in this one with a stranger's face. She may have commented on it when a young woman's voice interrupted what she'd been about to say.


He looked up from what he was doing, glanced at the screen.

Doctor, are you here?”

Looking at Rose again, the Doctor said, “Stay here until I return and do not leave the control room without me. I have little doubt the layout of my TARDIS is very different then the one you know with your Doctor.”

“I'll stay put, don't worry,” Rose promised.

He looked at her for a time as though he didn't quite believe her, then opened the door, saying quietly, “I'll be back soon.”

The Doctor locked the door behind himself, not so much to keep her in as to keep everyone on the other side of the it out. She watched him interact with the younger version of Sarah Jane Smith, and although she knew it wasn't possible it didn't stop her from wishing she could talk to this Sarah Jane herself. Rose knew well the consequences of doing things you shouldn't in the past, had learned it the hard way when she had tried to save her father.

The Doctor was outside with Sarah Jane far longer than he thought he would be as the two men who had been the reason Rose had hidden in this room in the first place came into the room.The Doctor referred to the man who she thought to be a general as Brigadier, and Rose wasn't sure what she thought of him, other than he was quite stern and apparently very annoyed with the Doctor right at that moment.

Their conversation went on so long Rose found she was getting sleepy again and since she had promise the Doctor she wouldn't leave the control room, and since there was nothing but the control panels in the room, she found herself curling up into one of the room's corners. She listened to the lull of the voices outside, and let her heavy eyes close, unable to delay her rest any longer.



She opened her eyes to find her Doctor standing beside her in their control room looking at her with mild concern on his face. She stretched, and looked around, quickly realizing she had been curled up on the captain's seat asleep.

“I thought you were going to bed?” he said.

“Yeah I was, and I even made it as far as my door. Doctor, went I stepped inside I was back in the time where I met the younger you that one other time. Do you remember that by any chance?”

He thought for a second, “No, I don't, sorry.”

“Oh don't tell me I was dreaming all that up again! Doctor, while I was there I saw Sarah Jane, and a man you called Brigadier, and another soldier was with him. I think he was a sergeant or something,” Rose said.

The Doctor scratched the back of his head, “Was his name Benton?”

“Yes, that's him!”

“Well, just because I don't remember you being there doesn't mean you weren't. After all the Time Lords messed around with my memories a lot during that time and since then before they... but there's a chance you were...”

“Dreaming? How could dream about the people I never met before? Yes, I met Sarah Jane but when she was older. When I saw her just now she was very young!”

“Was she?”


“If you're really visiting me in the past, we need to figure out why this is happening,” he mused.

“Well as I told the other you, maybe the TARDIS has just a really twisted sense of humor anymore.”

Before he could reply the lights in the control room blinked noticeably.

“See what I mean?”



EN: I may have one more chapter coming after this one but we'll need to wait and see how the writing goes since I'll be attempting to write yet another previous Doctor. Hint for you all... he's my all time favorite Doctor ever!